Congrats, Stephan Family!

Congratulations to the Stephan Family on a successful year with this steer.
He was Champion Steer at the Huntington Co. Fair, and then went on to be named Champion Steer at the Champion of Champions show. He finished off his season winning the Champion Maine Anjou Steer title at the Indiana State Fair.

Shown by: Kaitlyn Stephan
Raised by: Mark Henney
Sold by: Faber/Kober & Jacobs

Congrats, Hayden Family!

Congratulations to Brooke Hayden for an extremely successful year!
This heifer was a many-time champion throughout the year and ended on a high-note as Champion Commercial heifer at the 2017 Indiana State Fair.

Shown by: Brooke Hayden
Raised by: Felton Family
Sold by: Faber/Kober & Jacobs

Congrats to the Hayden Family!

Champion Chi Heifer – 2016 Indiana State Fair • Junior and Open Show
Shown by the Hayden Family, Raised by Faber & Kober Cattle


Interstate x Chantel donor – full sibs selling in 2016!

Congratulations to Brooke Hayden and the Hayden family on their success at the Indiana State Fair. Brooke won Champion Chi heifer in the 4-H Junior Show, as well as Champion Chi heifer in the Open Show- with an Interstate x Chantel heifer that was purchased in the 2015 sale.

A special ‘thank you’ to the Hayden family for all of their hard work and dedication – it’s always great to see a family that works side-by-side.